Free answering machine service

HYDERABAD: The Bharat Sanchar Nigam has announced that it would provide a free answering machine service to customers who make a request on phone.

The BSNL so far has been providing the free answering machine service to customers who put forth a written request.

According to a press release issued here on Thursday, BSNL Hyderabad will provide the answering machine service to customers who make a call on a three-digit number ‘152’. Customers are requested to dial from the same number for which an answering machine service is required.

Calls to 152 are non-metered. The new service began on Thursday.

Meanwhile, on the occasion of the BSNL formation day, the Hyderabad telecom district has been celebrating a Customer Happiness Week from October 1.

The company has been making special efforts to solve the customers’ problems during the duration of the programme.

Requests pertaining to billing, commercial and technical matters will be attended during the week-long programme.

The press release further said that BSNL customers can contact the customer service centres, offices of the area managers and divisional engineers (external) located at different places in the city for assistance.

Customers can dial 152 to avail free answering machine service Customers must dial from the same no. for which the service is required Calls to 152 are free of charge.

Source: The Times of India