Three sardars and their Hoshiarpur connection

HOSHIARPUR: Former president, Late Giani Zail Singh, Prime Minister in waiting Manmohan Singh and the Sardar of Swings, CPM supremo Harkrishen Singh Surjeet have in common - the Hoshiarpur connection.

It was Hoshiarpur that sent the Late Giani Zail Singh to the Lok Saabha in 1980 after which he became the Union Home Minister and later the President of India in 1982.

The great marathon runner of Indian politics Harkrishen Singh Surjeet started his political career from Hoshairpur as a young boy of fifteen.

Fifteen year old Surjeet had been shot at twice when he had removed the Union Jack from the Hoshiarpur deputy commissioner's office and replaced it with the Congress flag on the first death anniversary of Shaeed Bhagat Singh on March 23 1932.

Surjeet had survived as the then deputy Commissioner was an Indian and he had instructed the army not to shoot the young boy. On asking his name Sujeet had replied 'London Tod Singh' after which he was sent to jail. But by then Surjeet had been baptized to become the King Maker of free India's secular politics.

While this quaint city was yet to recover from the fact of having shaped the political career of Surjeet, as he spent considerable amount of time in Hoshirapur during the Lok Sabha elections canvassing for the CPM candidate, a ticket that he sought from the Congress on emotional grounds - the news of Manmohan Singh being elevated to the Prime Minister has definitely come as a surprise.

Manmohan Singh before going to the Oxford to do his PHD completed his Post Graduation from the University College (now Government College) Hoshiarpur in 1952-54. SP Bhandri a college mate of Singh told TNN that Manmohan was an 'unassuming brilliant' boy, but other than that Manmohan was like what young men are supposed to be at that age.

Hoshiarpur has come on the international map said thirty-five years old 'Amit Goyal' an entrepreneur. Which city can boast of producing such high secular echelons of polity? Hoshiarpur to some, CleverPur to others, has just proved this. 

Source: The Times of India